Work Zone Safety PSA

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Douglas County, Colorado Public Works has recently released a 1 minutes PSA on Work Zone safety 

Wes and Michelle’s voices unite in their heartfelt message to motorists who drive in a work zone, “just like you, I’d like to get home to my family tonight.”

In one minute, the new work zone safety public service announcement attempts to bring the viewer into the work zone, and, through the eyes of those working there, see how it feels to work next to vehicles moving 30-60 miles per hour.

The Board of Douglas County Commissioners premiered the work zone safety video and praised employees for what they do to protect the citizens of Douglas County.

The Board then recognized May 21-27 as National Public Works Week in Douglas County, adopting a resolution that “pays tribute to our public works professionals, engineers, managers and employees recognizing the substantial contributions they make to protecting the health, safety, and quality of life for the citizens and taxpayers of Douglas County.

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