Study: Insufficient infrastructure costs Coloradans $6.8 billion per year

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From the Greeley Tribune:Traffic crashes, vehicle maintenance and surging congestion related to deteriorating infrastructure combine to cost Colorado motorists $6.8 billion each year, according to a study from national transportation organization TRIP.
The report, released Wednesday, uses a variety of standardized formulas to break down the costs associated with inadequate roadways. The report shows annual costs, per driver, for vehicle operation and maintenance, safety and congestion.
Northern Colorado, which researchers said includes Greeley, Loveland and Fort Collins, earned good marks in vehicle maintenance and congestion costs.
With 74 people killed annually, the area was the worst when it came to relative safety.
“We know from a variety of research, roadway safety conditions don’t cause many crashes, but they often prevent crashes,” said Rocky Moretti, TRIP policy adviser.
The cost of car crashes is estimated by a Federal Highway Administration formula, which takes into account time off work and medical costs. Moretti said TRIP used that formula, plugged in crashes around Colorado, then divided by three (about a third of serious car crashes are the result of poor roadways, Moretti said).
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