The Paving scams continue Consumers Beware

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The seasons will be changing from Summer to Fall and  the paving scammers are returning to Colorado on their annul migration back to Texas and Oklahoma. We were recently contacted by potential victims of the Asphalt Paving scammers. Earlier this spring the Colorado Asphalt Pavement Association (CAPA) issued a NEW advisory to give warning to consumers about the Asphalt Paving scams in the area. This Paving Scam advisory was released to all of the local news outlets in Colorado in an attempt for them to be consumer friendly to their respective fan bases. The media chooses not to publicize these scams and warn consumers until someone in the public sector is a victim, this then becomes newsworthy to them. We at CAPA are doing everything we can to help the consumers from being scammed by these high pressure, unscrupulous tactics. Unfortunately, many times it is too late by the time we are contacted and the vultures have struck.
A good rule of thumb for recognizing an Asphalt Paving scam is that there is no such thing as left over asphalt. Asphalt is a perishable product which over time cools and sets. The only way these scammers work is they put additives in the mixture, most commonly diesel fuel to allow them to get it out of their trucks and onto the ground. This damages the product to a point where it is virtually useless.
The cost of Asphalt materials are fairly high and reputable contractors will not order more than they can use in a project.
See the entire press release for all of the warning signs or for information about contacting the CAPA office or to report a possible scam in your area or contact the District Attorney in the area where you live to report the scammers in your area.

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