Asphalt Recycling & Reclaiming Association’s (ARRA) primary function has been to promote the recycling of existing roadway materials through various construction methodologies, to preserve limited natural resources and reduce costs. No matter what goes on with politics, social issues, anti-terrorism policies and procedures, or the economy, one thing is certain – America needs its highways. Everyone acknowledges that sooner or later all roads have to be maintained, preserved, and rehabilitated, and that the methods represented by ARRA offer the least expensive, longest lasting alternatives for stretching available dollars. Our future is bright!

Founded in 1963, the International Slurry Surfacing Association (ISSA) is a nonprofit association dedicated to the interests, education and success of slurry seal, micro surfacing, chip sealing and crack treatment professionals and corporations around the world. Internationally recognized as the authority in asphalt slurry surfacing technology, ISSA promotes the highest standards of ethics and quality while providing its members with information, technical assistance and ongoing opportunities for networking and professional development.

We at FP2 Inc. support the adoption of pavement preservation at all levels of government, and work to ensure pavement preservation becomes a part of road programs from coast-to-coast.

The Asphalt Institute is the international trade association of petroleum asphalt producers, manufacturers and affiliated businesses. Our mission is to promote the use, benefits and quality performance of petroleum asphalt, through engineering, research, marketing and educational activities, and through the resolution of issues affecting the industry.

Founded in 1919, the Institute’s members represent 90% of the liquid asphalt produced in North America and an increasing percentage in international markets. We provide five essential areas of strategic focus to support our members in the following areas: Member Connectivity, Promote Asphalt, Environmental Oversight, Technical Leadership, Educational Expertise.


The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) is a division of the United States Department of Transportation that specializes in highway transportation. The agency's major activities are grouped into two "programs," the Federal-aid Highway Program and the Federal Lands Highway Program. Its role had previously been performed by the Office of Road Inquiry, Office of Public Roads and the Bureau of Public Roads.


> More than 18 billion tons of asphalt pavement are in place on U.S. roads. Long-lasting asphalt pavements are the result of collaborative partnerships between researchers, manufacturers, paving contractors, and agencies. When striving to make asphalt pavements more durable, research and lessons learned show that density is an important factor. This video talks about several keys to achieving proper asphalt pavement density, as well as new technologies that are moving the asphalt industry forward.

> The ABC's of Pavement Preservation.

> CDOT- Hot In Place Recycling Specification.

> Cracksealants: Short-Term Crack Sealant Performance and Reducing Bumps and Transverse Cracking in New Hot Mix Asphalt Overlays Over Crack Sealants
Research Report 2009 - from CDOT's website.

> Full Depth Reclamation - Presented at the MGPEC Annual Meeting from 3/2012.

> High Volume/High Speed Asphalt Roadway Preventative Maintenance Surface Treatments.

> Infrared Pavement Repair: How the System Works - from BobCat of the Rockies in 2012.

> Maintenance Article - By CTL/Thompson, Inc - Published in the Denver Business Journal.

> Pavement Management, Justifying the Need for Pavement Improvement Dollars, A Presentation by Mike Skinner, P.E. Stantec, Consulting at the CAPA Technology Forum 4/2010.

> Pavement Management/ Maintenance.

> Potholes -The Hole Story- Facts and Fallacies of Potholes (reprinted from the APWA) Zipped File.

> Reducing Expenses: Why Deferred Maintenance May Not Be The Best Option, by Dave Zelanok, Centennial Director of Public Works.

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