Welcome to the Resource Section of the CAPA website.

From these pages you can find information about many if not most of the items related to the construction of Asphalt pavements and the Maintenance of Asphalt pavements.


Use the links from the drop down menu to access information about Pavement Associations in other states, The Advantage to using Asphalt for your pavements, Airport specific information, Environmental information related to Asphalt pavements and Local Agency . Other topics include Maintenance and Preservation of Asphalt pavements, and new or specific Services and Products.

From these pages you can use the CAPA Asphalt Quantity Calculator to estimate how much Asphalt materials will be required for your particular project. There is a section related to Media Advisories, an Asphalt Q and A titled “Asphalt Man” and information about “Warm MIx Asphalt”

The key item included in the CAPA Resources Section is the CAPA Resource Library. From here you should be able to locate information about any topic or subject related to the manufacturing, placement or Maintenance of Asphalt Pavements.

If you are unable to find the information you desire, please feel free to contact our offices and we will assist you in procuring the information you desire.

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