Springtime in Colorado means the traveling paving scams are arriving!

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The Colorado Asphalt Pavement Association (CAPA) is urging Colorado consumers to beware of scams involving door-to-door salesmen offering unbelievably low-cost quotes on asphalt paving for driveways, parking lots and other related construction.
Recently, CAPA has received reports of salesmen offering to pave or do other construction for very low costs, claiming to use “left over” asphalt from a larger paving or other paving jobs. The reports have been in areas of Jefferson County, Boulder County, Adams County, Arapahoe County, Douglas County, El Paso County- Colorado Springs, and Larimer County as well as in Eastern Colorado small communities. Such door-to-door scams typically result in less-than-satisfied consumers who end up paying for inferior work that often must be replaced. In this time many consumers are desperate to get their lives back to somewhat normal and having a traveling scammer take advantage of them will only prolong the recovery process.
“Reputable contractors don’t peddle asphalt or other materials door-to-door. These scams usually result in being swindled by contractors who are here today, gone tomorrow,” said Thomas Clayton Director of Training and Member Services for CAPA, the industry association for the $500 million per year asphalt industry of Colorado.
“In asphalt paving you definitely get what you pay for. We urge consumers to check out the companies making these offers, to make sure the company is reputable and will build a quality project for a fair price,” Clayton added. There are plenty of local, reputable contractors ready to work with home and business owners to help get your lives back on track.

To avoid being swindled by the traveling scammers CAPA and its members offer a six warning signs:
1. Claims that it’s “leftover” asphalt. Asphalt is never left over from a project. Leftover asphalt paving materials would be too cold to place properly, while cold mix is used exclusively for small patches, not general paving. Asphalt is a perishable product and if it cools too much it is useless as a asphalt paving product.
2. Deals that seem “too good to be true.” If the quoted price seems very low, chances are the quality of the work will be low as well.
3. Cash-only terms. Most reputable contractors take checks, and don’t require cash-only terms.
4. “One-time offer” price quotes. Reputable contractors will provide a quote before doing any work so that the homeowner has a chance to shop around.
5. Door-to-door sales. It’s worth repeating: reputable asphalt contractors do not sell their products door-to-door. Consumers should be very suspicious of anyone appearing at their front doors offering low-cost asphalt.
6. Vehicles with out of State license plates. This type of scam many times will be run by persons traveling through our area from other states. The big equipment may be licensed in Colorado, but many times the smaller equipment (pickups, and trailers) will be licensed in other states.
7. In this time of rebuilding, work with others in your area to seek out a reputable contractor and partner in the rebuilding. Contractors can and will make deals to those who work together to get the work done. There will be less cost to the contractor to move in and do several projects at one time rather than one at a time. The potential savings can be absorbed by all who work together.

If you suspect you have been scammed or contacted by a scam-artist, contact your local Better Business Bureau, CAPA, at 303-741-6150, local law enforcement authorities or local district Attorneys’ offices. The investigators have compiled a list of scammers and are working diligently to apprehend them before they can take advantage of more unsuspecting individuals. The association also provides a list of its members, all of them reputable, long-term Colorado contractors, on its Web site, www.co-asphalt.com or Contact Tom Clayton tomclayton@co-asphalt.com to discuss this or any other asphalt related issues.

About the Colorado Asphalt Pavement Association
The Colorado Asphalt Pavement Association (CAPA) is a not-for-profit association representing more than 250 member organizations in Colorado. CAPA promotes and publicizes the use of quality asphalt in Colorado and encourages fair methods of contracting. CAPA operates the Rocky Mountain Asphalt Education Center and administers the Laboratory for Certification of Asphalt Technicians. The CAPA facility includes a classroom and a fully operational asphalt mixture laboratory. The education curriculum includes courses on asphalt mixture design, quality control/quality assurance testing and hot mix asphalt construction.
CAPA is the asphalt industry voice working with the Colorado Department of Transportation, the Federal Aviation Administration, local agencies and others throughout the State of Colorado.
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