NCAT Scholarships applications are available! Submit to CAPA by December 3rd.

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As we move into November it is time to ramp up the activity for those wanting to apply for an NCAT Scholarship from CAPA and supported by the APWA Colorado Chapter. The application information is available here and is due back in the CAPA Offices no later than Friday December 2, 2016 at noon. Those selected will be notified early the week of December 5th so they can attend the luncheon on December 8th. This is a one week training session held at The NCAT Facilities in Auburn Alabama the week of February 20, 2017. Click here to see more about the NCAT Technology Course. Recipients of the CAPA/APWA scholarship will have their tuition covered and will be provided with additional funds to help offset the cost of attending.

Who should apply: City and County Engineers, Pavement Program Managers, Road & Bridge Supervisors, Public Works Directors, Consultants and Contractors. Selections will be made cooperatively by a joint APWA/CAPA Committee and will be based on the letter of interest/recommendation and position applicability. APWA and CAPA membership in good standing is required.

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