Less than 2 month until NCAT Comes to Colorado for the Asphalt Technology Short Course!

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NCAT Comes to Colorado for the Asphalt Technology Short Course, November 4 to November 8, 2019. There are currently more than 74 persons registered to attend this great training opportunity featuring Dr. Mike Heitzman and Don Watson from the NCAT Research and training facilities in Auburn Alabama.   
The Colorado training will be presented by the Rocky Mountain Asphalt Center (RMAEC).
The session will be at Baldoria on the Water, 146 Van Gordon Street, Lakewood, Colorado 80228.
This one-week training program is taught by NCAT Instructors and is geared for those who are involved with asphalt materials and construction. Engineers, Technicians both Lab and Field, Inspectors and others from all sectors of the asphalt industry need to become more knowledgeable of asphalt materials and construction practices in order to build, preserve, and maintain a sustainable highway system.
Goals and Objectives
The purpose of this intensive course is to provide a basic understanding of all phases of asphalt technology. Upon completion, the participant will be able to make knowledgeable decisions related to asphalt pavements and communicate effectively with asphalt specialists when the need arises.
Program Content
This course consists of 2 half and 3 full days of intensive lectures. It may include some actual or video demonstration of laboratory tests (no hands-on), and discussions concerning all phases of asphalt technology such as:
1.M Structural Design of Asphalt Pavements
2.M Asphalt Binders: Superpave and Modified Binders
3.M Physical Properties of Aggregates
4.T Volumetric Analysis of Asphalt Mixtures
5.T Asphalt Mix Design (Superpave, Marshall)
6.T Aggregate Properties Lab Demo
7.T Use of RAP in Asphalt Mixtures
8.T Design and Construction of SMA Mixtures
9.T Stripping
10.T Laboratory Performance Testing of HMA
11.W Balanced Mix Design
12.W Quality Control of HMA
13.W Pavement Noise and replace with Nuclear Gauge and Acceptance Testing
14.W Performance Testing Lab Demo
15.W Mixing, Compacting and Specific Gravities Lab Demo
16.W Asphalt Plant Operations
17.Th Surface Preparation and Cold Weather Paving
18.Th Delivery & Placement of HMA Mixes
19.Th Compaction of HMA
20.Th Segregation of Asphalt Mixes
21.Th Pavement Maintenance, Rehabilitation, including Thin Lift Overlays
22.Th Pavement Preservation – Lee Road 159
23 Th Longitudinal Joint Construction
24.F Asphalt Pavement Forensics
25.F NCAT Test Track Research (2018 cycles studies)
26.F Research Findings and Research Updates – ½ findings and ½ updates
Each participant will be provided a flash drive containing the PowerPoint presentations. The participant will leave the course with materials needed for general reference when the need arises in practice
Continuing Education
The course will provide 3.6 CEUs or 36 Professional Development Hours.
Mike Heitzman, PhD, PE Assistant Director and Don Watson, PE, Consultant
For more information or to register, click here

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