Let’s Go Colorado

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On Tuesday September 25, 2018, CAPA Executive Director, Tom Peterson explained the nuances of Proposition 110.
110 is commonly refereed to as the “Let’s Go Colorado” roadway funding proposition. Here is a link to the 45 minute webinar.

CAPA has also complied a document which shows what the proposed HUTF transfer funds will be if Proposition 110 passes n November. The funds collected will be divided 45% to CDOT, 20% to Cities and 20% to Counties. The remaining 15% will be devoted to multi-modal transportation (Bike lanes/paths, Bustang, dial-a ride’s, Disability services.
This proposal is heavily supported by a Bi Partisian Statewide Coalition of Cities, Counties, CDOT local and State elected officials, Chambers of Commerce. Local elected officials and business leaders.To see the Estimated New Revenue from 0.62% Sales Tax Increase for Cities (Click here), and for Counties (Click Here)

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