The LabCAT Program flows smoothly, partially due to assistance from CDOT, local agencies, contractors and consultants who send their certified technicians to volunteer as a proctor.

The RMAECis thankful to those who have dedicated their time and expertise to the certification process. In 2004 we began to formally recognize these individuals. Each year since, a "Volunteer Proctor of the Year" has been recognized.


2004 Tammy Buck CDOT Region 6
2005 Clayton Goodwin City and County of Denver
2006 Richard Katzer Carter & Burgess
2007 Bob Wilson CDOT Region 1
2008 Kristin Moran City of Aurora
2009 Patrick Kowing FHWA
2010 Andrea Hebar CDOT
2012 Paul Wiggs El Paso County
2013 Neomia Roach Brannan Sand & Gravel
2014 Leslie Kochis CDOT Region 4
2015 Ryan Zoetewey Cesare Inc
2016 Who will be here? From where?

Proctor Incentive Re-certification (PIR) Program

Proctor Incentive Re-certification (PIR) Program is a re-certification format reserved for technicians who have volunteered their time by assisting as a proctor for the LabCAT Program. Proctors who meet the eligibility requirements will be allowed to waive their laboratory procedure testing for re-certification. The written exam is still required.

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