Introduction and History

LabCAT Program Overview

The Rocky Mountain Asphalt Education Center (RMAEC) administers the Lab for Certification of
Asphalt Technician (LabCAT) Program, as well as offering training for technicians who are
preparing for LabCAT certification. Additionally, the RMAEC presents and hosts various Asphalt
Construction Seminars throughout the year. Please reference the LabCAT and the RMAEC pages
on the CAPA website for current schedules.

The LabCAT Program was developed to increase the proficiency of asphalt technicians, improve
the reliability of QC/QA Testing, increase the quality of asphalt paving materials purchased by
owner-agencies, and respond to the Federal-Aid Projects. The program is a partnership between
CDOT, CAPA, and the FHWA. A joint Board of Directors consisting of CAPA, CDOT, FHWA and
Industry Representatives provide direction to the program.

As of 1996, all asphalt technicians working on CDOT projects where QC/QA specifications are
used, are required to hold certification through the LabCAT Program. Certification through LabCAT
is also required by some local agencies. These include, but are not inclusive to, The Metropolitan
Government Pavement Engineers Council (MGPEC), City of Greeley, and the Pikes Peak Regional
Transportation Authority (PPRTA). LabCAT is considered to be a NICET equivalent for those
testing asphalt and related materials at Denver International Airport.

Technicians testing for certification must be proficient in each of the Laboratory and Field tests
required for materials acceptance in conjunction with the CDOT QC/QA specifications. The Field
and Laboratory testing is based on the current references to the CDOT Field Materials Manual
(FMM), CDOT Laboratory Manual of Test Procedures (CP-L), and the AASHTO Standard
Specification for Transportation Materials and Methods of Sampling, where applicable.


Ken Coulson - Coulson Excavating Co, Inc.
Jeff Keller - APC Construction Co.
Bill Schiebel - CDOT Staff Materials
Gary DeWitt - CDOT R-4 RME
Randy Jensen - FHWA
ACSE Representative - Vacant
Mike Coggins - CDOT Region 5 RME
Cary Jones- Kumar and Associates
Tom Peterson - CAPA


John Cheever - Aggregate Industries
Clayton Goodwin - City and County of Denver
Mike Stanford - CDOT Asphalt Pavement Program Manager (Co-Chairman)
Mike Gallegos - CDOT Region 1
Johnny Lam - CDOT Staff Materials
Darrell Harding - FHWA (CFL)
Donna Harmelink - FHWA
Todd Genovese - Martin Marietta Materials
Tom Hastings - AG Wassenaar Inc
David Fife - United Companies of Mesa County
Eathan Weichert - Earth Engineering Consultants, Inc.
CAGE Representative - Vacant
Cindy Rutkoski - RMAEC
Tom Clayton - RMAEC (Co-chairman)