Colorado “WOMEN of ASPHALT”

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On Friday May 17, 2019 at the CAPA All member meeting we featured the “Women of Asphalt”. There were more than 30 Women present at the meeting. We had Amy Miller from the Asphalt Pavement Alliance and Natasha Ozybko from Road Science as presenters to give the group a history of the National group, how it started and what the mission and goals of the group currently are moving forward.
The national leaders will be meeting the week on May 20 to discuss the formation of local chapters and how that will all work.
CAPA will continue to be a conduit for the “Women of Asphalt” to reach their current goals and vision statement:

Vision Statement: We Lead and Inspire Women in the Asphalt Industry

1. To foster and promote mentoring and networking opportunities for women in asphalt
2. To create professional development opportunities for women in asphalt through education and training
3. To advocate for women in the asphalt industry
4. To encourage other women to join the asphalt industry

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