CAPA New Member Luncheon and Christmas Reception

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The CAPA New Member Luncheon, sponsored by Colorado Barricade, was great success. That you to the more than 170 attendees who came out to welcome our newest members form 2017. The lunch was great and our keynote speaker had some compelling information to share. We congratulate the 2017 Proctor fo the year Paul Kinnes and said good byre to Jim Fife as he moves into full time retirement. Giles Poulson was recognized for his contributions to the CAPA board of Directors. We concluded the day with a Christmas Reception sponsored by Suncor, Cobitco, Jebro and Holly Frontier. Pictures were take and support was given from Jo Taylor publisher of the CAPA Membership directory, The Road Ahead and the Colorado Public Works Journal.
Mark you calendars for the 2018 New Member Luncheon, December 6, 2018.

NCAT Technology Scholarships were awarded

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Each year CAPA in partnership with the APWA Colorado Chapter, selects several candidates to attend the week long Technology Course at the NCAT Facility in Alabama. NCAT is the foremost research facility for the advancement of Hot Mix Asphalt in the country. This year CAPA received 17 applications from interested persons seeking to expand their knowledge about asphalt construction. The 17 was paired down to 8 persons who will be receiving the CAPA/APWA Scholarships. The 8 sel;ected persons are; Jacob Silverman Earth Engineering Consultants, Tom Gill Town of Parker, Beau Radovich Cesare Inc, Nicolas Stoker City of Cortez, Justin Cupich Kumar and Associates, Randy Walrath City of Greeley, Todd Rullo City of Thornton, and Dan DiCenso AECOM. For those who would still like to attend the Asphalt Technology course, registration is still open. If you want to attend, contact Tom Clayton, CAPA can help get you registered and save you some money on the registration fees.
The course is scheduled for February 26 to March 2, 2018. For more information about the NCAT Technology course, use this link. For application information use this link

Best in Colorado Award Nomination update

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The Colorado Asphalt Pavement Association (CAPA) recognizes the highest quality asphalt pavement construction and performance in Colorado each year. The contractor and owner/agency are recognized in each award category. The awards will be presented at the 24th Annual Awards Dinner and Program on Wednesday, February 21, 2018 at the Crowne Plaza, Denver Int’l Airport, I-70 & Chambers.
There were 51 projects nominated for the 2017 awards. The judges will be meeting the week of November 6th to begin the process of visually observing each of the 51 projects. The goal is to have most if not all of the projects judged by the end of 2017. Once the projects are all judged, the scores will be totaled and the winners notified. During this period of time CDOT will e gathering data for the Plant Production and Smoothness awards for 2017. All winners will be notified by no later than February 1, 2018.

45th Annual RMACES registration is open

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Planning for the 45th annual Rocky Mountain Asphalt Conference and Equipment Show (RMACES) is well under way. The theme for the conference February 21 to 23, 2018 is “Paving to the Future”.
The keynote speaker on Wednesday February 21 will be Amelia Earhart from KUSA and My 20 Denver. The conference will feature many new and exciting track presentations. The Raffle will have a 45th annual grand Prize of a Polaris 450 ATV.

CAPA Golf tournament was a great success!

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On Friday September 15th 180 players descended on Fox Hollow Golf Course in Lakewood to play in the 26th annual CAPA Cup Golf Tournament. At the conclusion of the golf was a banquet lunch of Fajitas. There was fun and networking as part of the days event. It was a picture perfect weather day and it appears all had a good time. The money raised will be paired with the contribution by the APWA Colorado Chapter to send people to the NCAT Technology course at Auburn University in late February 2018. see the CAPA website for more information on receiving one of the scholarships to attend the NCAT Technology course. To view a few pictures from the days events, click here

Stretching Road Funds with up-to-date Specifications & Contract Requirements

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The CAPA monthly perspective included in the Summer/Fall issue of the Colorado Public Works Journal (attached) featured the importance of keeping specifications and contract requirements current with industry best practices. CAPA has worked with several agencies in recent years to update their specifications , and these efforts are paying dividends, resulting in more competitive bids and improvements to quality and long-term pavement performance. To read the entire article, use this link

Colorado Asphalt Pavement Association Golf Tournament

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The 26th annual CAPA fund-raising Golf tournament is the primary event used to fund the CAPA portion for recipients to attend the NCAT Technology course. Each year CAPA in partnership with the APWA Colorado Chapter, selects several candidates to attend the week long technology course at the NCAT facility at Auburn University in Alabama.
For More Information or to register

CDOT Recognized with Perpetual Pavement Award

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  Highway 40 Rabbit Ear’s Pass.  Congratulations to CDOT Region 3 and to the Staff Materials & Geotechnical Branch as recipient of the National Perpetual Pavement Award from the Asphalt Pavement Alliance (APA).

The award is one of ten nationally in 2017 and represents an asphalt pavement designed with exceptional care, excellent quality that has withstood the test of timeThe original asphalt placed in the 1950’s is still in place.  The award was presented at the June 15 Colorado Transportation Commission Meeting.  Receiving the award were (left to right) Bill Schiebel – Staff Materials & Geotechnical Branch Manager, Jeremy Lucero – CDOT Region 3 Materials Engineer, Damien Lebya – CDOT Region 3 Project Engineer; Russ Larsen – Chief Operating Officer – Elam Construction.  

Asphalt Core Technology Proposed for Larimer County Dam – 75,000 Cubic Yards of HMA Estimated

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The graphic shown, provided by Northern Water, depicts the 350′ Chimney Hollow Reservoir, located southwest of Loveland, after it is built. The project is estimated at $400 million.   (Link to article) When Chimney Hollow Reservoir is built, the dam will be one of the first in the United States with an asphalt core – a method developed in Germany in the 1960s and used widely in other countries.  The reservoir, located southwest of Loveland, will have one large and one small dam, allowing it to hold 90,000 acre-feet of water for 13 providers, including the city of Loveland.  Asphalt Core Dams (Link)    The project is estimated at $400 million with 75,000 cubic yards of asphalt.  It is being designed by Stantec and planned as a 3-1/2 year project with asphalt placed in 2-1/2 years.  A pre-qualification list will be developed in January and the project bid in June, 2018.  The asphalt will be hydraulic asphalt with a high asphalt binder content.  They are planning an outreach open house in the fall that will include a networking forum, presentation, Q/A, and site visit.  More info: Joe Donnelly, Assistant Project Manager, Northern Water, (970) 622-2232.

CAPA Responds to Fake News Story on Gravel Pit Controversy

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CAPA Responds to Fake News Story on Gravel Pit Controversy  Fake news can be defined as “reporting that is biased, misleading and misrepresenting the truth.”  Denver Post reporter Bruce Finley did a fine job of this in his April 25, 2017, article regarding the Pueblo County gravel pit controversy. The article was heavily one sided, inaccurate and omitted information that would have provided resounding justification as to why the Pueblo County Planning Commission recommended approval of the permit application.  Photo at left:  actual site of proposed gravel pit.  Photo at right:  Denver Post Fake News Photo  (Read more) Comments?


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Sandy Lender, Editor of Asphalt Pro Magazine and writer Sarah Redohl did a fantastic job in the April/May issue of Asphalt Pro magazine with two wonderful articles on Colorado projects.  Thank you Sandy and Sally from your friends at CAPA for featuring these two excellent projects.

Martin Marietta Coordinates for Success on College Avenue Project in Fort Collins  (Link to Story)          

Elam Construction Wins in Steep Winter Grades  (Link to Story)


Spring “Road Ahead” Published

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“The Road Ahead” Spring 2017 issue has been published. This issue features all of the 2016 “Best in Colorado Award Winning projects and Project teams. There is also information about constructability reviews hosted by CAPA, Local Agency Funding Street Programs, Successful Ballot Measures, and Teamwork for accelerating projects. The Rocky Mountain Asphalt Education Center is highlighted as well. To see the entire magazine in electronic form click here

#FixItCO for Transportation Funding

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The state of Colorado’s transportation infrastructure system has reached a critical point. According to an annual study on the state of Colorado roads, “Colorado Transportation by the Numbers: Meeting the State’s Need for Safe, Smooth and Efficient Mobility,” the state’s major urban roads are becoming increasingly congested, with drivers wasting significant amounts of time and fuel each year. And, more than 2,400 people were killed in crashes on Colorado’s roads from 2011 to 2015. (Read the full report here: )
You can read more information and see who is supporting this effort by opening the attached document

California EPA Determines Asphalt Paving fumes as low priority

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CalEPA began an investigation based on the State proposition 65 program in 2016. After testimony by many different entities it was determined the fumes emitted during the production and placement of Asphalt Paving Materials (APM) were to be considered a “Low” priority. This decision is a precedent leaning decision for other states to use when challenges are made about the fumes from the production and placement of APM. The Asphalt paving industry has worked tirelessly over the past 10 years to reduce fumes by the development of new paving and production equipment as well as new processes for producing APM. The fast tracking of Warm Mix Asphalt has been a positive step in the reduction of Fumes as well.
In Colorado we are encouraging local agencies, private developers and the state DOT to recommend or require the use of WMA when ever possible as a fume reduction process but also as a Workability Mixture Additive

2017 National Work Zone Awareness Week

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It is National Work Zone Awareness week, Please respect those persons out there in construction work zones making your drive better.
A few minutes of delay is better than a life time of regret if you cause an accident and injuries to someone in a construction work zone.
Your not late because you drove into a Construction Work Zone, Your late because your late!
Remember, the life you save may be your own. Phones down and pay attention when you drive!

More than 1500 attended the 44th Annual Rocky Mountain Asphalt Conference and Equipment Show

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For over 40 years, contractors, suppliers, governmental agency representatives, and consultants from the Rocky Mountain West have held an annual conference in Colorado to discuss new developments and quality advancements of asphalt pavements. Recognized as one of the largest regional conferences on asphalt pavement technology, the Rocky Mountain Asphalt Conference & Equipment Show draws attendees from throughout the Rocky Mountain region. National speakers marvel at the diversity of topics along with the multiple attendee areas of interest. In 2017 at the peak of the conference there were more than 1500 attendee’s, guests and exhibitors at the Crowne Plaza Hotel and conference center.
The event opened with great technology sessions on Wednesday morning followed by the Keynote speaker Jim Davidson an avid outdoors-man and climber.
The “Best in Colorado Awards dinner was held on February 22nd with 17 awards beingf presented.
It all ended on Friday with the grand prize being awarded for the raffle drawing.
Click this link to see a slide gallery from the event and “Best in Colorado” Awards dinner
You won’t want to miss the 45th annual Rocky Mountain Asphalt Conference and Equipment Show in 2018, February 21st to the 23rd. Mark your calendars today to reserve those days.

Study: Insufficient infrastructure costs Coloradans $6.8 billion per year

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From the Greeley Tribune:Traffic crashes, vehicle maintenance and surging congestion related to deteriorating infrastructure combine to cost Colorado motorists $6.8 billion each year, according to a study from national transportation organization TRIP.
The report, released Wednesday, uses a variety of standardized formulas to break down the costs associated with inadequate roadways. The report shows annual costs, per driver, for vehicle operation and maintenance, safety and congestion.
Northern Colorado, which researchers said includes Greeley, Loveland and Fort Collins, earned good marks in vehicle maintenance and congestion costs.
With 74 people killed annually, the area was the worst when it came to relative safety.
“We know from a variety of research, roadway safety conditions don’t cause many crashes, but they often prevent crashes,” said Rocky Moretti, TRIP policy adviser.
The cost of car crashes is estimated by a Federal Highway Administration formula, which takes into account time off work and medical costs. Moretti said TRIP used that formula, plugged in crashes around Colorado, then divided by three (about a third of serious car crashes are the result of poor roadways, Moretti said).
Read the entire article

Colorado drivers lose billions to bad roads, report says

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From the Denver Business Journal: Colorado drivers lose $6.8 billion a year in time, operating costs and crashes due to roads and bridges that are deteriorated, congested or lack desirable safety features, according to a new study from TRIP, a Washington, D.C.-based national transportation organization.
In Denver, that amounts of $2,162 per driver, according to the study “Colorado Transportation by the Numbers: Meeting the State’s Need for Safe, Smooth and Efficient Mobility.”
The average driver in the Denver metro area spends 49 hours a year stuck in traffic jams, the report said.
Read the entire article

2017 Pavement Condition Funding and Performance of Colorado Local Agencies

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CAPA Has complied the information submitted by local agencies from around the State.
2017 By the Numbers
 49,000 lane miles managed by Local Agencies captured in this survey.
 Representing 83% of Local Agency asphalt paved roads statewide.
 Over $230 M budgeted for Annual Street Improvement Programs + $155 M for Public Works CIP.
75th Percentile = $6,298 / lane mile
Weighted Average = $4,300 / lane mile
25th Percentile = $3,338 / lane mile
75th Percentile = PCI 76
Weighted Average = PCI 69
25th Percentile = PCI 64
To see the entire report click here

2017 Asphalt Cost Advisory

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Market Outlook
The demand for construction services and asphalt pavement materials continues to increase. The economic forecast released by the Colorado Legislative Council calls for non-residential construction spending to increase 4.5% in 2017. This increase is from several market sectors including commercial development, oil and gas development, and governmental investment in streets, roads, highways, and airports. The 2nd Q 2016 Turner Building Cost Index reflects a 4.80% yearly construction cost increase from the 2nd Q 2015 and this is expected to continue into 2017.
Why do our Bids Vary from the Project Estimate?
A recent APWA survey found that over 50% of public projects are completed over budget, partly due to;
• Outdated or inaccurate estimates
• Changes in Project Scope
• Inflation – consumer costs, other
• Market Conditions – Supply/Demand, high costs from subcontractors, increasing health care costs, increasing costs to find, hire and train a new employee
• Short supply of subcontractors including DBE subs
• Contract Requirements – traffic control, testing, inspection
• Cost of Doing Business: permitting, environmental
To see the entire Advisory, CLICK HERE

2017 RMAEC Webinar schedule is announced

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The 2017 schedule of Webinars being presented through the Rocky Mountain Asphalt Education Center is available. The topics are wide and varied. they will cover all aspects of Asphalt Construction from manufacturing to smoothness and testing. to see the list of scheduled webinars, CLICK HERE.
The RMAEC Webinar series is presented with the cooperation of our sponsors, Colorado Chapter of the APWA, Colorado Association of Road Supervisors and Engineers (CARSE), FHWA Colorado Division, Schmidt Construction. Power Equipment CO (PECO), Vanc Brothers, BG Chemical, A-1 Chipseal, and Colorado Association for Roadway Maintenance (CARMA)

CAPA News Magazine, “The Road Ahead” Published

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The Fall 2016 edition of the CAPA News Magazine “The Road Ahead” was published on November 16th. Open it to see stories about the LabCAT 20th anniversary Celebration, the prospect for Street Funding being on the rise, A project delivery success and other Asphalt Industry. Learn more about the 2017 Rocky Mountain Asphalt Conference and Equipment show February 22-24, 2017. News.

Colorado Asphalt Pavement Association New Member Recognition Luncheon & Christmas Reception

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Please join us for the 2016 CAPA NEW Member Recognition Luncheon and Christmas Reception which is scheduled for Thursday December 8, 2016. Social 1/2 Hour @ 11:30am, Luncheon to begin at 12 Noon. Please join us and our members as we celebrate and recognize our NEWEST members from 2016. We will also announce the recipients of the NCAT Scholarships and hear from Mr. Keith Reester on “Building a 21st Century Workforce”.

This is a “NO COST” Event, however RSVP’s are required by 12:00 noon on 12/5/2016.
We will be collecting donations to be split between the Food Bank of the Rockies and The Wounded Warrior Project at the event. Please bring any donations you feel comfortable in giving to the event. If you cannot attend, contact our office to make a donation.
Join us following the luncheon for the our Christmas Reception sponsored by the CAPA Emulsion and Binder suppliers.

Register Now!

NCAT Scholarships applications are available! Submit to CAPA by December 3rd.

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As we move into November it is time to ramp up the activity for those wanting to apply for an NCAT Scholarship from CAPA and supported by the APWA Colorado Chapter. The application information is available here and is due back in the CAPA Offices no later than Friday December 2, 2016 at noon. Those selected will be notified early the week of December 5th so they can attend the luncheon on December 8th. This is a one week training session held at The NCAT Facilities in Auburn Alabama the week of February 20, 2017. Click here to see more about the NCAT Technology Course. Recipients of the CAPA/APWA scholarship will have their tuition covered and will be provided with additional funds to help offset the cost of attending.

Who should apply: City and County Engineers, Pavement Program Managers, Road & Bridge Supervisors, Public Works Directors, Consultants and Contractors. Selections will be made cooperatively by a joint APWA/CAPA Committee and will be based on the letter of interest/recommendation and position applicability. APWA and CAPA membership in good standing is required.

In Front of the Paver Issued

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On Friday October 14th, CAPA issued the latest version of the Electronic Newsletter, In Front of the Paver. inside there is information about the upcoming All Member Meeting, The 44th Annual Rocky Mountain Asphalt Conference and Equipment Show, The CAPA-APWA Technology Scholarship applications to attend the Technology course at NCAT in February and much more.
Look for information on the next 2 webinars from the RMAEC and the Asphalt Industry Forum meeting on October 17th.


CAPA All Member Meeting Scheduled – Friday November 4th

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Please join us for lunch and the final CAPA All Member meeting of 2016 on Friday November 4, 2016. Lunch 11:55 – 12:30 pm-

This will be a full program which will include information about:

Highlights include:
The CDOT 2017 Surface Treatment Program
as well as updates for:

  • 2016 RAP Usage – Mike Stanford and Vince Battista
  • Smoothness Specification Update – Tom Clayton
  • Parking Lot Design Guide, 2016 Version – Mike Skinner
  • Cold Weather Paving/Warm Mix Asphalt -Tom Clayton

and The CAPA Member “Two Minute Drill”. Any member in attendance will be provided with 2 minutes to update the audience about their business, new service, product, change in personnel, etc.

This is a “NO COST” event for CAPA Members, however RSVP’s are required.
Please RSVP no later than Wednesday, November 11, 2015 by 2:30 pm

This event will hosted and sponsored by Brannan Sand and Gravel, 5880 Lipan Street ., Denver, CO 80221
The meeting will be in the main training room at Brannan Sand and Gravel offices west of the Plant.

Click on this link below to RSVP.

Directory Update information has been mailed.

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On October 10th CAPA mailed information to all members with the instructions to update their CAPA (Printed) membership directory information . We have moved to an electronic method this year in an attempt to eliminate some of the errors we have encountered in the past by allowing the members to control their specific membership information. We are asking they all be returned by November 15th.

If you were mailed the information and are not the appropriate person to make the uipdates, please pass it along to the correct person.

If you have questions or need help in updating, contact Tom Clayton

Final Call to register for the 2016 Golf tournament

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The CAPA Newsletter “In Front of the Paver” Is published a few times each month. The latest issue was sent on Thursday September 8.
The content varies and is generally the most current and relevant information for the industry. There is always a section on the training available from the RMAEC including the Webinars scheduled.
Updates on CDOT specifications are included as they become available. If you do not receive the “In Front of the Paver” in your inbox, sign up by clicking here then add yourself to the distribution list.

Final call for the CAPA Golf Tournament

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This is a reminder that registration is about to close for the 2016 CAPA Golf tournament. 
The tournament is just 9 days away and we want you to have the opportunity to participate.
Get your spots reserved soon. Even if you don’t have all names for the entire group (groups).
If you do not play or cannot play, you can still support the tournament by sponsoring the event.
You can register, sponsor or both by using this link.
If you’re not sure if your registered, please feel free to contact me.

We hope to see you on the 16th at Fox Hollow GC in Lakewood

Check out the newest edition of “In Front of the Paver”

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The “In Front of the Paver” was published on Tuesday 8-30-16. There is information about the CAPA Golf tournament which is in 16 days.
Check out the link to the Red Mountain Pass video and the video from Albert Frei and Sons quarry near Idaho Springs. You can also download the 2016 “Best in Colorado” award nomination forms. There is only 59 days left to complete your nominations. There is information on the changes coming to the CDOT smoothness specification for jobs to be bid in 2017. See where CDOT HQ is moving! and more. To see the entire newsletter click here.


CAPA Family Picnic a big success!

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CAPA Family Picnic – We thank all who came out to join us last Saturday (August 13) for our 1st Annual Summer Family Picnic at the beautiful Sheridan Community Park.  The big hits of the event were the root beer floats, the BBQ from Redneck Catering, and the piñata!!  A special shout out to the music provided by Magic Murph and the Claytones. See more pictures from the day.
We are already planning the 2017 picnic. Hope to see more of you at the event in 2017.

25th Annual Golf Tournament registration is open, Don’t miss this one!

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The CAPA Golf Tournament/Scholarship Fund Raiser sponsored by Moody Insurance – 

Registration is open! 

Planning is underway for the 25th Annual CAPA Golf Tournament/Scholarship Fund Raiser.  The event will be held on Friday, September 16, 2016, at the beautiful Fox Hollow Golf Course in Lakewood.

The tournament is limited to the first 216 players. We are always welcoming sponsors at all levels. More info: Tom Clayton

The tournament is 6 weeks out and almost 50% filled. Don’t wait and miss this annual event.

Can’t or don’t play golf?. You can still support our fund raising efforts, we are always in need of sponsors. You can be a participant by using the attached link and register as a sponsor.

Join our other sponsors Moody Insurance, Brannan Sand and Gravel, Wagner Equipment, Alpha Milling, Faris Machinery, Honnen Equipment, Cutler Repaving, Western Infrastructure, Instrotek, Mark Ryan Inc. Westest, The Award and Sign Connection, Power Equipment Co. SealMaster, Dixon Golf, and Conspire Financing.

Web Side Graphic


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Lanham, Md. — The National Asphalt Pavement Association (NAPA) announced today that Colorado Asphalt Pavement Association, of Centennial, Colo., is the winner of the 2015 Outstanding Website Award. The association was recognized Monday, July 18, at a ceremony honoring the Operational Excellence Award recipients during the NAPA Midyear Meeting in Seattle.
“NAPA members strive for excellence beyond constructing high-quality asphalt pavements. The five categories of the Operational Excellence Awards — Asphalt Operations Safety Innovation, Community Involvement, Ecological, Outstanding Brochure, and Outstanding Website — recognize a company’s commitment to operations that make them good contractors, good industry ambassadors, and good neighbors,” said NAPA Chairman Kevin Kelly.
The Outstanding Website Award recognizes website designs that promote the use of asphalt and the asphalt pavement industry. Websites are judged on the use of industry messages and efforts to educate the general public about the asphalt pavement industry.

Tom Clayton, Director of Training and Member Services along with the CAPA web designer, Mike Riedy were in Seattle to accept the award on behalf of CAPA.

To See the entire Press Release, Click here

Colorado Asphalt Pavement Association Family Picnic

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CAPA is hosting a family picnic for members.

Bring all of your family, wives, husbands, kids and grand-kids to come and enjoy.

The picnic will be on Saturday afternoon August 13, 2016 at Sheridan Community Park 3325 West Oxford, Sheridan, CO 80236 from 1:00 to 4:00 pm.
We will have catered food, beverages, fun and games for all ages.
RSVP’s are requested for the caterer.
We look forward to seeing all of you at this fun family event.
More information contact Tom Clayton
Register Now!

Summer in Colorado – The Paving scams continue

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The seasons have changed from Spring to Summer, but the paving scammers are still out there. Recently we have been contacted by several potential victims of the Asphalt Paving scammers. Earlier this spring the Colorado Asphalt Pavement Association (CAPA) issued a NEW advisory to give warning to consumers about the Asphalt Paving scams in the area. This Paving Scam advisory was released to all of the local news outlets in Colorado in an attempt for them to be consumer friendly to their respective fan bases. The media chooses not to publicize these scams and warn consumers until someone in the public sector is a victim, this then becomes newsworthy to them. We at CAPA are doing everything we can to help the consumers from being scammed by these high pressure, unscrupulous tactics. Unfortunately, many times it is too late by the time we are contacted and the vultures have struck.
A good rule of thumb for recognizing an Asphalt Paving scam is that there is no such thing as left over asphalt. Asphalt is a perishable product which over time cools and sets. The only way these scammers work is they put additives in the mixture, most commonly diesel fuel to allow them to get it out of their trucks and onto the ground. This damages the product to a point where it is virtually useless.
The cost of Asphalt materials are fairly high and reputable contractors will not order more than they can use in a project.
See the entire press release for all of the warning signs or for information about contacting the CAPA office or to report a possible scam in your area or contact the District Attorney in the area where you live to report the scammers in your area.

The RMAEC and LabCAT turned 20!

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The RMAEC and LabCAT programs have turned 20. We had a luncheon ad Celebration on Wednesday June1, 2016 at the Marriott Hotel Lone Tree.
More than 70 people attended and were provided with information about the origin of the LabCAT program and who started the the Rocky Mountain Asphalt Education Center.
There were several attendee’s from the current and former LabCAT Board of Directors, current and former Technical Committee members, Proctors current and former, as well as any people from Industry, CDOT and the FHWA who were instrumental in the concept and implementation of LabCAT and the RMAEC.

Tom Peterson present many with a commemorative plaque for their involvement in the program.

NEW “In Front of the Paver” Published

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The newest edition of the CAPA E newsletter “In Front of the Paver”  has been issued.
There is a new look and great information to be shared.
There is information about the LabCAT 20th Anniversary Celebration which is scheduled for June 1.
Registration is open until Friday May 27th. visit the REGISTRATION SITE for more information.

CDOT NEWS –  Retirements in Region 4, Bidding and a story about Buena Vista

INDUSTRY NEWS  – Ground breaking in Greeley, Transportation Funding, Porous Asphalt


CAPA News magazine “The Road Ahead” is published!

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The most recent version of the CAPA news magazine “The Road Ahead” is out and you should be receiving a hard copy with your next issue of the Colorado Public Works Journal. Thank you to publisher Jo Taylor for another great magazine which highlights the 22nd Annual “Best In Colorado” Asphalt Pavement Awards and other important and not so important industry events, trends and issues.
If you don’t want to wait for your printed version, click on “The Road Ahead” for the electronic version you can read now.

“In Front of the Paver”

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CAPA’s Electronic New letter was published on Wednesday May 4, 2016. Items of interest was information about he RMAEC/LabCAT 20th anniversary celebration. Transportation funding is another issue discussed. Read the entire newsletter by clicking here

Asphalt Technology Forum

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“Managing and Sustaining a Pavement Management Program at YOUR Local Agency”
Importance of establishing and maintaining a useable pavement managemnt system, pavement condition data collection and analysis, budget sceanrio forecasting, pavement preservation, making the case for increased street improvement funding, educating elected officials and top level decision makers.
See the event invitation by clicking here.
RSVP Today! No Cost Event open to CAPA members and Local Agency personnel. RSVP required (Names & Organizations) via e-mail to Mike Skinner

The Right Kind of Lift

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CAPA Member company, Four Corners Materials, an Old Castle Company,and CDOT are featured in the March issue of Road and Bridges magazine. The article speaks “For the past several years, the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) has been evaluating the use, primarily in the southwestern part of the state, of a thin asphalt leveling course followed by a single-lift asphalt overlay for its road rehabilitation projects.”
This is a great piece on how Four Corners Materials and CDOT are working together to create an economically viable solution to the traditional mill and overlay process to add years of life to a degrading roadway.
Read the entire article here!

Latest Edition of the “In Front of the Paver” issued

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On Friday morning, March 18th the latest version of the CAPA E-newsletter was published. There are features on thew 22nd annual “Best in Colorado” Awards Dinner, the 43rd Annual Rocky Mountain Asphalt Conference and Equipment Show, the 20th Anniversary celebration for the RMAEC and LabCAT. Use this link to view the newsletter. If you are not a subscriber and would like the newsletter in your inbox each time it is published, use the subscribe link from within the newsletter.

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