Asphalt- Americas choice for roadway surfaces!

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More than 18 billion tons of asphalt pavement are in place on U.S. roads. Long-lasting asphalt pavements are the result of collaborative partnerships between researchers, manufacturers, paving contractors, and agencies. When striving to make asphalt pavements more durable, research and lessons learned show that density is an important factor. This video talks about several keys to achieving proper asphalt pavement density, as well as new technologies that are moving the asphalt industry forward.The FHWA second video on “Asphalt Pavement Principles, Smoothness” is now available. It’s important that we get lots of “likes” to show FHWA the importance of continuing these type of projects.

Please watch, like and share with your colleagues. “Asphalt Pavement Principles, Smoothness”

The following link includes the 1st video on “Asphalt Pavement Principles Density and Durability”.

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